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Effective Use Of The NRG Bio-Imprinter System

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The NRG Bio-Imprinter System is an important part of our business here at SST and for those of you that have one then it can be for you too. In the Effective Use of the NRG Bio-Imprinter training video, we go over which plate does what, the preset buttons, the 2 dials, the other buttons, the handhelds, and how the aerial unit brings your biofeedback session in. Plus other tips and tricks we've learned after using the system for the last 6 years. Have you wondered about using your Quantum NRG device more effectively? Have you wondered how the NRG device imprints the desired frequencies for your clients? Can you really make your biofeedback sessions more effective with this accessory? Do you know how to create individual and unique energy cards for people and pets? Did you know that you can use the Quantum NRG device with or without your biofeedback device? Do you know that there are 12 Good Vibration pre-sets built into the matrix for Love Productivity Detox Relaxation Vitality Harmony Healing Prosperity Allergy Protection from negativity Joy Concentration How does a practitioner charge the NRG card with supportive energies for injury repair, stress reduction, performance enhancement, motivation, and focus? How does the Quantum NRG device charge other items to support your clients’ biofeedback sessions between appointments? Recorded: June 21, 2018 Duration: 2 hours CEUs: 2 Policy: No returns/refunds.


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