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Is owning a stress management device right for you? 

This is an important question to ask yourself. And our honest answer is...MAYBE.


Does that surprise you? 

At SST selling devices is NOT our goal. Our goal is to support people with a genuine aptitude and interest in improving health through a stress management device to become stellar stress management practitioners in service to themself, their families, and the community.

Watch the video for an in-depth discussion that will help you make this life-changing decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stress management device should I choose? Both devices work in the same way. The Q9 Stress Management System® is a faster device, faster in its communication with the body and the software. The differences between the two when comparing them is: The Q9 is a stronger device than the S8. The increase in the output frequency of the device makes it more effective. It also has a dedicated EEG circuit and a dedicated ECG chip. Here are the specs for the Q9 Stress Management System®: Waveform: Programmable, Pre-programmed: Square, Spike, SIne (dual Channel) Saw, etc Channel: 1 to 12 tristate Sensitivity: 3mV Regulated Output: Current 0 to 4mA/Channel Frequency: 0 to 75kHz High Quality Maximum Output Voltage: 0 to 100kHz Normal Wave Polarity: 4V DC, 4V AC p-p The S8 Stress Management System® is a tested and proven of all time device that is the “father” of all modern devices, and is also at the forefront of prevention; it helps to reduce the risk of development of various problems. And now the S8 specs: Waveform: Programmable, Pre-programmable: Square, Spike Channel: 1 to 12 tristate Regulated Output: Current 0 to 850A/Channels Sensitivity: 3mV Frequency:0 to 25kHz High Quality, 0 to 100kHz Normal Maximum Output Voltage: 4V DC, 4V AC p-p Wave Polarity: Programmable

What is included? All packages come with the following: Device Headband Device Limb Wires and Straps Device USB Cable Current Clasp64 Software installed and activated Proper Software Registration is included - We set up your new account for the Software License. Software activation is included. (Mandelay does not charge for initial software activation, additional upgrades are optional and may have optional fees, there are also no expiration dates in the software.) Certification Training via Online Recordings Personal 1-hour Software Navigation Assistance appointment after recorded training has been viewed. 1 Year of SST Secure + Complete Support And more, see each package's details using the links above!

International Device Quot

International Device Quote

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