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Stress and Personal Growth

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What makes you happy? Hopefully, we all have things that we like to do that make us happy. Maybe it’s the simple things or we like things to be more complex. But do we have tendencies or habits that cause stress and take away happiness from ourselves, our family or our job? Would you like to learn ways to use your amazing biofeedback systems to help your clients overcome their lack of success in personal growth? What holds them back from being happy? What holds them back from making the money that they want to make? What holds them back from success in relationships with their families and others. The Stress and Personal Growth training will help you to expand your ability as a Wellness Coach to use your amazing biofeedback system to help your clients have more happiness in their lives. Date: January 2017 Duration: 2 hours CEU's: 2 Policy: No returns/refunds. Recommended Foundational Training: Seriously Smart Session


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