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Computer Training: Software

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In this training video, Ron covers: Shareware & Junkware Toolbars Driver Update Programs Computer Tuneup & Speed Programs Uninstall Unused Software Carefully Including: 1) Shareware and Junkware. We will mostly be talking about the types of software you can get access to for free on the internet. Some are completely free, some are free for a time period, while others are just free to bait you for something they really want you to pay for. I’ll alert you to many facets of this subject, and it should help you to get a better view of software you are getting from the Internet. Junkware is a term I use for useless programs that are installed on your computer. It’s very prevalent with name-brand computers you purchase from a website, or at a store, and I’ll explain why some of it is junk, and later in the video show you how to remove it. 2) Toolbars. It's an old subject, but we still see it on your computers every day, so you need to hear why NOT using toolbars is important, how they get there, and what to do about them. 3) Driver update programs. I’ll show you first-hand what they look like, what they do, and don’t do, and discuss why we recommend not using them, and what to do if they are on your computer. 4) Tune-up and speed programs. Some work, some don’t, and there are dangers you need to be aware of. 5) And finally, how to uninstall unused software carefully.


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