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Effective Use of the Dark Field Analysis Panel

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Learn to address Stress and Parasites with your clients. The Dark Field Analysis panel is one of those go-to panels that you don’t skip and especially one to not be avoided. This training helps you be comfortable using this panel with all of your clients whether you are using one of the AFE Pulses or any of the other buttons. I especially love using this panel if my client is dealing with parasite-related stress or chronic inflammation caused by poor dietary choices. Plus we will be sharing rife sweeps and disease dictionary zaps that can be used to support this panel making the session seriously more effective. If you want to be more comfortable in using this panel then the Effective Use Of Dark Field Analysis Panel is the training you are looking for. Recorded: November 30, 2021 Duration: 2 Hours 20 Minutes CEUs: 2 Software: Clasp64 5.5.21 Policy: No returns/refunds. Recommended Foundational Training: Seriously Smart Session


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