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Stress and Pet Health

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I love using our biofeedback technology to help myself, my family and friends, and my clients find ways to improve wellness. Many of us have furry, feathery, scaley, shelly...friends and family members who could benefit from those sessions too. Many practitioners have found great success in using their biofeedback systems to help animals. I really enjoyed working on this webinar as my family has had so many different types of animals in our lives over the decades. I take you through every panel in the software from entering your client as an animal to the special panels for animals and then the other panels that could be used to improve our animal friend’s wellness. Plus we have 6 custom zaps to add to your Disease Dictionary along with many great handouts. If this is something you always wanted to learn it would be seriously smart of you to get trained in stress and pet health. Date: December 28, 2023 Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes CEU's: 3 Policy: No returns/refunds. Clasp64 Version: 9.9.22 Recommended Foundational Training: Seriously Smart Session

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