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Computer Training: Backup & Restore

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The important thing I must say about backing up your computer is that it is essential. Most people fail to do it and don’t realize the importance of it until it's too late. Backing up your computer system, or just the important files off your computer can be likened to a good insurance policy. Just one failed hard drive, spill on your keyboard, or one virus or ransomware attack, and years of work could disappear in an instant. You can see the importance of backing up your system or your files. We will discuss the Windows Backup and Restore utility that is on all Windows Operating systems since Windows 7. We will briefly discuss how many mainstream computer companies also install a second backup system on their computers, there are several third-party backup software's that might be another good option, and then there are several good cloud backups for both system backups and file backups. We will discuss testing your backups and using restore features. It’s going to be a busy training, one you will not want to miss!


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