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Stress and Letting It Go!

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I have found that many of my clients consciously and/or subconsciously hold onto some trauma(s) and it affects their physical health whether in a localized spot or all over their whole body. Some might not categorize the event as a "trauma" but the reaction to an incident may still become a wellness stressor. As biofeedback practitioners, we really have 3 main jobs: practitioner, coach, and investigator. This training will help us learn to be better at our 3 main jobs. We have amazing devices that help us to detect stress and devise multiple strategies to reduce that stress. Get out your investigator notebook and join me for Stress and Letting It Go! Recorded: April 28, 2022 Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes CEUs: 3.5 (Pending form submission.) Software Version: Clasp64 5.5.21 Policy: No returns/refunds. Recommended Foundational Training: Seriously Smart Session


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