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Upgraded cellphone protection. Made to reduce the harmful effects of 4G and 5G devices, such as cellphones and other electronic devices. Protect From Ultra-high 5G RF Frequency!  For Cellphones & Electronic Devices! 



EMR Smart 5G Shield

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  • The Smart 5G Shield helps protect your body from ultra-high 5G frequency.  The Smart 5G Shield is made to be attached to the back of your cellphone or any wireless device to protect you from high-intensity RF radiation, by using a patented process incorporating specific RF composite material mad of thin vinyl, crystalline, carbon compound.

    The Smart 5G Shield is designed to block RF radiation from common sources of 4G and 5G cellphones, tablets, and laptops, by using the (S5G) anti-radiation “Smart Chip” to help reduce exposure to harmful radiation emitted by home electronics and gadgets.

    5G cell towers are more dangerous than other towers for two main reasons:

    • The 5G platform uses much higher frequencies and intensities (ultra-high) than earlier platforms
    • Since the shorter length waves used in the 5G platform don’t travel as far as those wave used in earlier platforms, the number of towers will be increased/installed. (Estimates are for towers/mini towers every 2-8 houses.)  This would increase exposure to RF, greatly increasing exposure to harmful RF.

    1G-4G Platforms use between 1-5 gigahertz frequencies.  5G Platforms use between 24-90 gigahertz frequencies.  The higher the frequencies the more dangerous to living organisms.

    Studies and theories regarding the impact of 5G technology on human health show that it may be detrimental to soft tissues including brain cells and other soft tissue cells and organs.

    In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cellular radio waves as a possible carcinogen and is undertaking a “high priority” study seeking more definitive answers.

    Protect yourself and your family naturally with an affordable, Smart 5G Shield as soon as possible.

    For continued optimal results the manufacturer recommends replacing your Smart 5G Shield every year.