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Head Harness for stress management systems.

Head Harness - Q9/S8/QUEST 9/Eductor

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  • The Head Harness is constructed of durable, lightweight, and breathable nylon webbing. Weighing in at 4 oz, the comfortable 2"W x 30"L Head Harness fastens quickly yet easily with soft hook & loop end tabs. It comes with a 10' attached cable which allows for more ease of movement, proximity between clients and reduces tugging on the biofeedback device. Fully balanced 1/4" wide highly conductive rubber electrodes provide greater surface area contact for even distribution: No more hot spots! It has been reported 40% or more enhanced conductivity with faster rectifications and overall quality performance, allowing you to get through more programs in less time.  Connector color may be gray, green, yellow, or blue depending on availability.  The connector color has no effect on the functionality. 


    There are steps you will want to take to extend the life of the rubber electrodes on your harness.

    1. Be sure to properly clean the electrodes with Transeptic Spray (sold here). This non-drying disinfectant cleans without damaging the rubber. Alcohol and essential oils should never be used as they break down the rubber.

    2. Be sure to prepare the skin before applying the harness. The skin should be clean and the client should be well hydrated.

    3. Prepare the electrodes by placing a drop of Signaspray (sold here) on each rubber electrode. This will keep the connection between rubber and skin moist. For extra long sessions or a client who is dehydrated, you may need to reapply the Signaspray.

    4. Be sure to properly remove the head harness. Do not allow your client to push up on the head harness to remove it. What happens is that the rubber electrodes adhere to the skin during the session and when the client just pushes up to remove the harness it puts extra stress on those electrodes. Instead make sure to unfasten the velcro in the back and gently remove the harness in the exact reverse motion of putting the head harness on.

    Even with proper care and maintenance, the rubber on the electrode will degrade over time. On average most practitioners find they need to replace their harness set (both head and limb) once a year. Some very busy practitioners or ones who live in very arid areas find they need to replace them more often.

    Made in the USA. 


    QUEX Device Compatibility
    We don't work at all with the QUEX devices and cannot guarantee that it would work with a QUEX device. They are manufactured by 2 different companies. While they appear to use the same connector style that does not mean we can guarantee it would work with the QUEX since we have no experience with either the physical device or the software that runs the QUEX.

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