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What is the benefit of a Private Membership Association?

A PMA shows your clients how serious you are about the relationship you have with them. It allows you to speak compliantly about the wellness work that you do, while protecting you and THEM from potential miscommunication/misunderstanding. PMA's take you out of the public domain and add a level of legal protection to your business. 


Why would you want to become a Local Chapter of the SST Private Membership Association?

Becoming a Local Chapter of our PMA saves you a ton of money while still getting all the benefits of a Private Membership Association. Doing a PMA from scratch runs $24,000. A Local Chapter of our SST PMA still gets you the customization that you need at a fraction of the cost.


What a Local Chapter is NOT

It is NOT an excuse to use non-compliant language, make medical claims, or practice medicine without a license. 


Why did SST become a Private Membership Association?

As you know, many of our products are considered "alternative health".  Government agencies make so many "rules" that restrict what public companies can do or say about products and services.  As a private association, we are free to serve our members with the help they so desperately need, with few restrictions.  We can offer safe products and services that are extremely effective, and share what true benefits they may have.  This is one of the main reasons we only work with private members. 

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