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This is an online course with 3 modules (Biofeedback, Beginners, & Coaching) that will get you ready to take the Biofeedback Technician Certification exam. 

Online Training - Technician Package

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  • STEP 1: Coaching Course

    The Online Coaching Course is designed to guide the biofeedback practitioner through client communications and practices. This course meets the coaching training requirement for becoming a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and is recommended to be reviewed while taking the Beginners course and Advanced course.

     Course duration: 10 hours

     7 online training videos

     Homework assignments to complete

     Informed consent document and ethics statement to develop and submit

    Exam fee needs to be paid directly to The Quantum Academies: $50


    STEP 2: Beginners Course

    This course is designed to immerse novice quantum biofeedback device users with hands-on practical training for utilizing their biofeedback device and its Clasp32/Eductor64 software. This course is very easy to follow, as we have laid out the groundwork for you in the simplest format possible. This course consists of a 162 page operations manual, 26 video training modules, 549 page course training manual and five homework supplements.

     Course duration: 40 hours

     Operations manual (162 pages)

     26 online training videos

     Training manual (549 pages)

     Homework assignments to submit

    Exam fee needs to be paid directly to The Quantum Academies: $50


    STEP 3: Biofeedback Course

    This is a ten-hour online lecture of the science and history of biofeedback and it consists of 18 video modules and a 614 page course manual. This course is theoretical and does not require a biofeedback device. All of our courses meet the requirement for obtaining a CBT (Certified Biofeedback Technician) or a CBS (Certified Biofeedback Specialist)through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences.

     Course duration: 10 hours

     18 online videos

     614 page manual

    Exam fee needs to be paid directly to The Quantum Academies: $50


    STEP 4: Biofeedback Technician Application

    Upon completion of the of the Coaching Course, Beginners Course and Biofeedback Course, each student is given the opportunity to become a Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT), which is accredited through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences.

    The fee for the CBT certification is $149 and the annual renewal fee is $59. These Fees are made payable directly to BANHS. See Website for verification of these prices as they may change their pricing without notifying SST. The benefit of becoming a Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) after obtaining a CBT is that you can be an independent practitioner as a CBS.


    STEP 5: Liability Insurance

    The CBT certification will allow you to apply for an optional professional liability coverage through a qualified insurance company. See Website for details.